Puppy Boarding School: is it worth? (Explained) 2022

  • By: Hs Saini
  • Time to read: 7 min.

When we get a puppy for the first time we often get worried about taking care of him/her. It’s not that we don’t want to take care of a pup. But the real issue with most of us is that we all are in a rat race to feed our family.

So due to workload and some other kind of problems we don’t have enough time to spend with our puppy. Then we start thinking to send our pup to a boarding school, but the question here is “is puppy boarding school worth it”

I often used to gets worried that how she will stay alone at home when I and my wife goes to work. so here are some of the questions that came into my mind, which I think most of us face when we have a new puppy at our home.

On top of it, when she started misbehaving such as stealing food from the dining table, barking on the window, and pulling her leash. That was really a hard time for me and my wife to control our dog.

Therefore, the question came to our mind that should we send our puppy to a boarding school but “is puppy boarding school worth it” I am going to share everything that I and my wife faced 3 years ago.

So here is the straightforward answer to the question “is puppy boarding school worth it” Yes indeed it is.

But there are some pros and cons as well, as we all know that not every dog (puppy) is the same, all of them have different behavior and nature. So let’s discuss some of the important points in detail.

If you came to the article just to know the straightforward answer then you might have your answer. But I would be happy if you read the full article so that you can know some of the other aspects as well.

Let’s dive into the deep ocean to gather some knowledge.

Is Boarding School good for Puppy?

Yes, definitely puppy boarding school worth it, if you have a hard time controlling your puppy/dog then boarding school is a way to solve that issue.

It will be a hard time for you at the beginning also for a pup.

But, trust me I went from the same situation, he/she will be fine in the boarding school. Sooner he/she will mix up with other puppies/dogs. 

In a boarding school, your dog will get a professional trainer or instructor, who will train your puppy how to behave with strangers and with family members.

Believe me when my puppy finished her training and came back home. She was totally changed. I was shocked at how she is behaving so gently.

Every dog gets enrolled in a class according to their age. If you choose someone else to train your dog/puppy because you are busy with your hectic work schedule then puppy/dogs boarding school is the way around.

But you also have to play your role. It does not mean that you have sent your dog to a boarding school so you are free.

You must have to repeat those training at home if you want your pup/dog to remain sincere, once your pooch comes back home.

Mostly all the boarding school gives basic lessons to every dog parent on interacting with a dog post boarding. Don’t worry it is an easy step.

Here are several things that your dog will learn in the boarding school.

  • How to sit, remain seated,  roll over and lie down.
  • How to respond to a name.
  • Not to chew the leash.
  • Not to climb on the Bed or Couch.
  • Socialize with other dogs and people.
  • Not to jump on people and other dogs.

These are just a few, believe me, your pup will learn a lot more at the puppy boarding school.

Is Boarding a puppy bad?

As I have explained the good things about boarding a puppy. But now let’s flip the coin to see another side as well. Leaving your puppy/dog at the boarding school for the first time will worry you a lot.

As you may know about the stress your puppy/dog going to have there. Your Pup will be put in with unknown dogs, New diet plan, routine change, and so on.

It’s kind of putting your child in a kindergarten for several days or weeks. Every dog has different behavior and nature. So, maybe your pup will mix up with them in a few days or it may take a long time.

When boarding your dog/pup for the first time make sure all the vaccinations are up to date. Try to evaluate the boarding school so that you don’t pick the wrong place for your cutie pie.

Here are some of the real issues that your pup can face at the boarding school.

DepressionDogs can feel depressed too, same like we do feel sometimes when things don’t go according to us. A depressed puppy/dog will feel very sad and lonely at school Also just because of depression Pup can easily miss some of the activities that could be fun for him/her.

  • Appetite Loss – Depression, tiredness, and stress might cause a loss of interest in eating and drinking. Also, a change in a diet plan can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, Seizures, and Food Allergies, etc.

  • Aggression – Fear or not doing enough exercise may lead to aggression towards other dogs and people.

How much Puppy Boarding School Cost?

Yes, this question comes to everyone’s mind whoever has a puppy/dog and planning to send to a boarding school.

It totally depends on your locality and the size of your dog. Boarding can be anywhere from $40 to $80 for a full day.

Or if you plan to leave your pup at a boarding school for a week or more so it will cost you somewhere

Between $500 – $1000 depends on the school you choose.

When should you start training your puppy?

Bringing a puppy home is an awesome thing in dog lover’s lives. once you and pup settle down in daily life then the next step comes into mind when to start training.

First-time and new owners do not realize when to start training for your pup. You should start training your puppy once he/she gets 7-8 weeks old.

You can start puppy training at home first rather than sending it to a puppy boarding school. Good breeders are quick learners since birth and easily handle socialization.

Obedience commands: 7 – 8 weeks old

In this, your puppy will learn some simple commands. The ideal time to begin this training for most of the puppies between 7-8 weeks old. This is also the age to begin socializing your puppy towards new people and animals.

Formal Training and Classes: 7 – 12 weeks old

These classes have a benefit of a trainer who can demonstrate techniques for basic and more advanced commands.

A trainer can help to spot the potential of your dog/puppy. So for formal training classes, the ideal age is between 7-12 weeks.

Wrap Up

So in the end all I want to say is Yes “Puppy boarding school worth it“. But try to find a good and suitable boarding school for your pup.

Moreover, Make sure all the vaccination up to date so your pup doesn’t have any kind of illness or disease at the boarding school. 


Where your dog will live while training?

Your dog/puppy will live at the boarding school along with other dogs or pets. He/She will eat and sleep at the boarding school.

Will, my dog forget me after board and train?

No, Dogs never forget their owner does not matter how far they live from you. You can visit boarding school every now and then. 

How long is dog boarding school?

The initial visit for every dog/puppy is TWO WEEKS. Or your dog may live a bit longer than two weeks if necessary.

Do dogs enjoy boarding?

Dog boarding can be the same as kid’s daycares. Some dogs really enjoy boarding school especially those who are social ones. If your dog is anti-social he/she might not enjoy at the boarding school.

Will, my dog hate me if I board him?

No, it won’t happen don’t worry. I have gone through the same situation for my puppy. The dog will miss you a lot but never hate you.

Is boarding a dog stressful?

Yes, somehow it can be stressful for your pup. As I have explained the earlier change in a diet plan, daily routine and some other kind of activities can cause stress for your puppy.

How Do Dogs Act after being boarded?

Your dog might ignore you for some time. Dogs are also like us, they also want love and affection. My dog took it as a personal offense that I and My wife went for a holiday without her. But after some days she was normal.