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Why Puppy Doesn't Bark

Why Puppy Doesn’t Bark? (Reasons With Solutions) 2022

Some puppies don’t bark. It can be a similar case with your brand new puppy. The lack of woofs reflects the uncertainty as well as the lack of confidence in…

why does my dog lick me so much

Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much? (Explained) 2022

You came back home after spending a hectic day, and your puppy greets you by shaking his tail and serving you with wet sloppy kisses. But is licking a reflection…

Why My Puppy Gets Hiccups Everyday

Puppy Gets Hiccups Everyday? (Things You Should Know) 2022

Hiccups may sound funny but give you tension when they are coming from your brand new puppy. New dog parents may worry when they notice their puppy gets hiccups everyday….

Puppies Bite Paws and Tails

Why Do Puppies Bite Paws and Tails? (Explained) 2022

As a dog parent, it can be challenging to differentiate between several dog behaviors. Sometimes we never understand whether it’s a behavioral phase or a medical condition from which our…

Puppy shivers when falling asleep

Puppy Shivers When Falling Asleep? (6 Reasons & Solution) 2022

Your tiny puppy is sleeping, and you are feeling it satisfying to sit near him and watching. But what’s that ruffing? Now you are conscious and worried that why your…

Is puppy biting Normal

Is Puppy Biting Normal? (5 Steps Explained To Stop It) 2022

Puppies spend their best quality of playing, chewing along exploring different objects. Luckily, all of these are normal dog activities and show a healthy growing dog. I remember when my…

Why Puppy won't poop outside

Why Puppy Won’t Poop Outside? (Reasons And Solutions) 2022

This is a very common problem for dog owners, especially first-time dog owners that “Why Puppy won’t poop outside” If your Puppy keeps refusing to poop outside and even hold…

Why does my puppy jump on me during walks

Why Does My Puppy Jump On Me During Walks? (Explained) 2022

You are enjoying walking in pleasant weather, but suddenly your puppy starts jumping on you. Now you wonder what happens to your puppy, why is it jumping on me like…

Why do puppies eat grass and dirt

Why Do Puppies Eat Grass and Dirt? (Explained) 2022

Have you ever bring your darling puppy for a potty break, and turning your back serves you with a mouth full of grass? You might panic and imagine the dog…

Which Milk is Good for 2 month Old Puppy

 Which Milk is Good for 2 month Old Puppy? (Explained) 2022

Most dog owners reach a dilemma around the time their darling puppy arrives two months old. Now, you are unsure what to feed your two-month-old puppy and how many times…

when do puppies stop eating everything

When Do Puppies Stop Eating Everything? (Explained) 2022

Puppies are always clueless that when they are going to put anything in their mouth and end up eating that object, isn’t it strange?  But this nature of your puppy…

What age do puppies stop sleeping so much

When Do Puppies Stop Sleeping So Much? (Explained) 2022

Bringing a new puppy at home is as joyful as bringing a newborn baby. We notice every movement of our puppy and keep reveling this beautiful creature’s cuteness. Watching him…