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why are labradors so popular

Why are Labradors so Popular? (7 Reasons Explained) 2022

Labradors are considered to be the most adopted and popular dog breed because of their cheerfulness and affectionate behavior. Labradors are usually great domestic dogs. They provide a sense of…

Why do puppies eat grass and dirt

Why Do Puppies Eat Grass and Dirt? (Explained) 2022

Have you ever bring your darling puppy for a potty break, and turning your back serves you with a mouth full of grass? You might panic and imagine the dog…

Which Milk is Good for 2 month Old Puppy

 Which Milk is Good for 2 month Old Puppy? (Explained) 2022

Most dog owners reach a dilemma around the time their darling puppy arrives two months old. Now, you are unsure what to feed your two-month-old puppy and how many times…

when do puppies stop eating everything

When Do Puppies Stop Eating Everything? (Explained) 2022

Puppies are always clueless that when they are going to put anything in their mouth and end up eating that object, isn’t it strange?  But this nature of your puppy…

What age do puppies stop sleeping so much

When Do Puppies Stop Sleeping So Much? (Explained) 2022

Bringing a new puppy at home is as joyful as bringing a newborn baby. We notice every movement of our puppy and keep reveling this beautiful creature’s cuteness. Watching him…

Puppy Fart A lot

Puppy Fart a lot : is it normal? (Reasons and Solutions) 2022

You love hanging out with your furry friend. But, you can never neglect the single drawback that pups are much shameless in the fact that they do not care about…

Puppy Goes crazy in the evening

Puppy Goes Crazy in the evening? (Reasons and Solution) 2022

When you think that your puppy is going in his bed to settle down in the evening, boom, your pup starts jumping. Your puppy starts running here and there in…

Labrador Puppy Dandruff

Labrador Puppy Dandruff | Why My Lab Has A Dandruff? (Explained) 2022

First time owner usually gets worry and start looking for the reasons about their Labrador Puppy Dandruff. It is quite normal in Labrador to get dandruff, dry flaky skin. There…

Puppy Boarding school is it worth

Puppy Boarding School: is it worth? (Explained) 2022

When we get a puppy for the first time we often get worried about taking care of him/her. It’s not that we don’t want to take care of a pup….

Can dog foods causes seizures

Can Dog Food Causes Seizures? (Answered) 2022

Your always happy-go-lucky pup seems to be Unhappy, unsteady, and confused. Dogs keep flopping on the floor and remain unaware of what is happening in their surroundings. It can be…

Can dog food causes allergies

Can dog foods cause allergies? (Explained) 2022

Dog parents notice their dog’s continuous itching and licky behavior, but they never understand the reason behind it. In some specific events, a question may pop up in their mind…

is white rice good for dogs everyday

Is White Rice Good For Dogs Everyday? (Explained) 2022

As we all know, rice is one of the famous food on which almost each of us is living. Because of the ease of cooking and its inexpensive nature, rice…